After overcoming terrible battles against negative forces in the previous arcanum, the sincere student develops light and eradicates the causes of suffering. By conquering the mind, the consciousness experiences genuine happiness and liberation. This is the esoteric significance of inspiration: the compelling force of enthusiasm, joy, and perseverance in the spiritual work.

This arcanum is deeply related to the powers of transmutation, for to in-spire the vital air is to take in the solar forces necessary for one’s development. The creative energy generates the virtues of contentment, serenity, certainty, and joy, for by breathing in prana and mixing it within one’s seminal system, the alchemist elevates the soul and aspires towards the heights of redemption. Learn how through a profound study of the sacred Kaaba: the philosopher’s stone of the Muslim initiates, Richard Wagner’s Parsifal and Siegfried, the parable of the Wedding Garment in the Christian Gospels, the Hebrew Psalms, the esoterism of the Hebrew letter ק Quf and the Arabic Qāf ق, the story of Cain and Abel, Prophet Muhammad’s revelation of the Holy Qur’an through the Angel Gabriel, and Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

There exist infinite degrees, qualities, or levels of consciousness, defined within Sufism as the stations in the spiritual path leading to divine realization. Through profound works of meditation, practitioners can permanently establish themselves within these higher degrees of being, known within universal gnosticism as initiations. Discover how to enter and travel the path through an exploration of the Tree of Life and the Sufi scriptures.

A lecture on the importance of cultivating sincerity in our approach toward understanding Truth. Learn how to apply practical methods to generate the personal honesty necessary to overcome obstacles of confusion and self-deception in your spiritual work.

Many of us sense that nowadays religions are missing something critical, and the surprising truth is that this is due to traditions having rejected sexuality instead of comprehending its true purpose. When humanity either represses or indulges in sexual desire, the outcome is suffering, because this volatile force, the true source of our creative expression, must always act. How we use sexuality determines our life. Discover the divine purpose of sexuality, how to transform the most potent energies we possess for the empowerment of our spirituality. Rather than becoming a source of shame or blind passion, sex can serve towards the redemption and liberation of the soul.

Every spiritual teaching possesses a body, soul, and spirit. However, not all students have been initiated into the inner, spiritual teachings of their religion, regardless of their convictions. While public religion constitutes the most basic, exterior form of knowledge (the body of the doctrine), so there is a secret, heart doctrine in the depth of every great tradition provided by the great guides of humanity. Yet unfortunately, many reject the existence or power of this heart doctrine due to superstition, fanaticism, and exclusivity, the blind belief that one already knows when in reality one does not.

Each level of instruction, whether introductory, intermediate, or advanced, provides necessary guidance and wisdom about one's psychology that cannot be skipped or ignored, but mastered within oneself. In this lecture you will understand this basic structure of every mystical tradition, especially that of Buddhism, Judaism, and Sufism. This lecture also explains the difference between belief and actual faith (direct, living experience of the truth) through the writings of Samael Aun Weor, the Bible, the Tantras, the Zohar, and the Sufi scriptures.

Comprehension of karma is the critical foundation for our spiritual development. As we understand the law of action and consequence in our own life, we open the door to comprehending this law throughout the rest of nature. Discover the practical steps you can take today to maximize the positive effects of each moment of your existence.

The state of meditation is experienced when spiritual principles and divine laws are fulfilled. Similarly, meditation can only be understood through the harmonious balance of daily study and practice. See how through a profound exploration of the Qur'an and the three forms of certainty, the steps for acquiring genuine, experiential wisdom, and the means to recognize such states within one's life.

Every aspirant on the path of self-realization must encounter and battle negative forces, both within themselves and within the internal dimensions. This eternal struggle is represented in every spiritual tradition by the confrontation between good and evil, the struggle of the soul against the animal mind, desire, defects, sins, etc. This arcanum also warns of diabolic entities who fight to pull initiates from the spiritual path, so as to enter submerged devolution within the infernal worlds.

This lecture explains the mysteries of spiritual war, the conflict between consciousness and ego, the Greek myth of Cerberus, the nine submerged realms of Dante's Inferno, the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path according to Aquarian Gnosticism, a Zoharic commentary on the Book of Genesis, and the symbolism of the Hebrew letter ​​צ Tzadi.

Life and death are two sides of the same thing. For our soul to live, our egotism must die. Learn about the importance of psychological death for spiritual life as well as practical ways to achieve it.

The individual is a seed, an embryo with the potential to develop into a fully enlightened being. This can only be accomplished, however, through actualizing the proper conditions and precise methods for its development. Discover the three essential spiritual sciences that lead towards the perfection of the human being: Hebraic kabbalah, medieval alchemy, and spiritual psychology. See how through an explanation of well-known myths and stories, including the Bible and Pinocchio by Carlos Collodi, whose meanings have eluded scholars, but are comprehensible to the practical meditator and awakened consciousness.

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