Life and death are two sides of the same thing. For our soul to live, our egotism must die. Learn about the importance of psychological death for spiritual life as well as practical ways to achieve it.

The individual is a seed, an embryo with the potential to develop into a fully enlightened being. This can only be accomplished, however, through actualizing the proper conditions and precise methods for its development. Discover the three essential spiritual sciences that lead towards the perfection of the human being: Hebraic kabbalah, medieval alchemy, and spiritual psychology. See how through an explanation of well-known myths and stories, including the Bible and Pinocchio by Carlos Collodi, whose meanings have eluded scholars, but are comprehensible to the practical meditator and awakened consciousness.

The science of meditation​​ is based upon observable facts: what we can verify through repeatable experimentation and practice. Discover the foundations for how to study, approach, and experience the state of meditation. This lecture explains the three levels of meditative instruction within Sufi schools, the path of ethics, as well as the psychological qualities of genuine realization and spiritual conduct from the prophetic tradition.

Through consistent discipline, practitioners of the spiritual path learn to overcome great dangers, traumas, and obstacles in their daily life. As students work on the comprehension and elimination of the ego, they experience great joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration, since the disciple, according to Samael Aun Weor, comes to experience divinity and therefore love the gnostic esoteric work above all things.

Hope is the result of alchemy between priest and priestess. Through the sexual power of the Divine Mother Kundalini, initiates give birth to the radiant star of Bethlehem, the Venustic Initiations and the incarnation of the solar dragon of wisdom: the Intimate Christ. This lecture explores the mystical Sufi sayings on the nature of hope, the Greco-Roman myth of the birth of Venus-Aphrodite, the four types of women within esoterism, the Nativity of Christ, the seven primary astrological influences within life, and the mysteries of the Hebrew letter פ Peh.

"It is clear that at each moment we have to become more and more independent from the mind. The mind is certainly a dungeon, a prison where all of us are prisoners. We need to evade that prison if indeed we want to know what liberty is; to know that liberty which does not belong to time, that liberty which is not of the mind." —​Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of the Dialectic

Meditation is the science of liberation from suffering. By comprehending how the mind limits, conditions, and produces affliction, the meditator can access true states of serenity, bliss, and contentment. This lecture explores some essential dynamics for beginning meditators, such as the distinct difference between consciousness / perception and mind / thought. You will also learn techniques for developing concentration and awakening consciousness within practical, daily life.

The path of initiation is filled with dangers both within and without. Those disciples who want to consciously return to divinity and achieve the Self-realization of the Being must vigorously defend their spirituality against the temptations of the black lodge and the animal ego. This is accomplished through studying, understanding, and confronting this dangerous arcanum within oneself.

People who begin the spiritual path but do not conserve and transform their creative energies lose their soul; they become fulminated towers punished by the ray of divine justice. Learn how to defend yourself against failure in the path through the application of the the Key of SOL (Subject, Object, Location), which is the method to awaken consciousness during the dream state. You will also learn about the transformation of impressions as taught by the Persian Sufi Al-Hujwiri, the Qur'an, and the teachings of Jesus. This lecture concludes with a kabbalistic explanation of the Hebrew letter ע Ayin, the Biblical Tower of Babel, and the myths of Samson, Delilah, and Heracles.

Perception and comprehension are fundamental characteristics of genuine intelligence. Through seeing and understanding the psychological causes of suffering, one can proceed towards their cessation, thereby developing lasting states of happiness, compassion, serenity, love, and beauty. These qualities, while in potentiality, can only be accessed and realized when we practice the principles of meditation. Learn how through the Four Noble Truths, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the transformation of impressions, concentration and visualization exercises, the eternal tarot, and Homer's Odyssey.

"Search for knowledge (the Lost Word) even in China and maybe you will find it in the great Tartar.” —​Sufi Proverb

The people of Peking seek the Lost Word: Calaf, the name of the unknown Tartarian prince in exile, whose secret encloses the wisdom of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Life, and the appellation of the sacred name of God: השם Hashem. If Turandot's people do not discover his name, they will be executed at dawn by her decree.

To have the right to marry the divine princess and achieve the intimate Self-realization of the Being, the Prince must undergo the temptations of the soul within the darkness of the infernos. Yet he can only be successful if he remains faithful in his love for Devi Kundalini (Turandot) and the secret of his name.

“Be thou faithful unto [Divine Mother] death, and I will give thee a crown [כ Kaf] of life [the Rune Laf, the power of sexuality: כ Kaf—​לפ Laf, ​כלפ Calaf].” —​Revelation 2:10

Religions have taught us to believe that the devil is some extemporaneous, historical personage whom we must despise in accordance with dogma and superstition. However, such a caricature fails to represent the essential wisdom of temptation and the spiritual role it plays in the development of the soul. 

Discover the genuine significance of Lucifer, the “bearer of light” within sexual alchemy and the perfect matrimony. He is part of divinity that provides rigorous ordeals, sufferings, and difficulties in life so as to help the consciousness acquire self-knowledge. Without temptation, there is no possibility for redemption and spiritual development. Therefore, rather than denigrate this mysterious force and shadow of the Platonic Logos, it would be better to comprehend his necessity and role in the mysteries of initiation.

This lecture explains the symbology of Typhon Baphomet through the writings of the Bible, the Qur'an, and Samael Aun Weor. You will also learn about the Hebrew letter Samech ס, the ouroboros or serpent devouring its own tail, a representation of the Christic energy, the Angel Samael, and the power of Lucifer within the Zohar.

Building off the prior arcanum, temperance or psychological equilibrium is achieved through the radical death of desire. By comprehending and eliminating secret faults, the consciousness gains balance, inner strength, equanimity, and serenity. In this manner, the disciple knows how to create and fully perfect the soul.

This card illustrates the principles of the alchemical science, the mixture of two divine substances within the perfect matrimony to form the mighty elixir of long life: the fountain of eternal youth sought after by medieval alchemists and philosophers. Learn how to develop temperance via the three esoteric arts: transmutation (alchemy), transformation (Jinn Science), and transubstantiation (Gnostic Unction, the Eucharist). These teachings are explained in accordance with the Fifth Day of Genesis, Surah Al-Nur ("The Light") within the Qur'an, the Night Journey of Prophet Muhammad, and his revelation through Angel Gabriel. You will also learn the esoterism of the Hebrew and Arabic letter ن/ נ Nun, a reference to the sexual seed and its germination into the perfected human being.

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