Divinity's presence is personal, conscious, and intimate to each practitioner. While some have experienced glimpses of their innermost Being, few know how to practically develop and sustain such profound states on a daily basis. Meditation is the direct perception of reality without conditions, yet to maintain and deepen such a connection requires that the meditator abandon forgetfulness, distractions, and dreams.

Everything in nature functions in accordance with rhythms, tempos, ebbs, and flows. The same with the consciousness. Through concentrating one's attention on internal states and expanding one's awareness of external phenomena, meditators learn to access a significant range of their conscious potential. By comprehending how consciousness can both focus and amplify our understanding, we establish a foundation for overcoming the psychological causes of affliction.

"And by the night as it closes in, and by the dawn when it breathes..." ―Qur'an 81:17-18

Breath is an essential dynamic in every mystical tradition, especially Sufism. By combining breath with spiritual longing, aspiration, and conscious love, the practitioner elevates solar or creative forces from within one's sexual organs, up the spine, to illuminate the mind. In this manner, meditators master the three types of soul in the Qur'an, so as to acquire perfect serenity and illumination.

"The best weapon that a human being can use in life is a correct psychological state." ―Samael Aun Weor, Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology

A foundational outline of how to spiritually protect yourself for those beginning to seriously practice the Gnostic work.

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Everything in life is in a state of transformation. Just as the human body provides life through digestion and breathing, the consciousness needs to transform different impressions, experiences, and psychological reactions to develop intelligence. The Essence derives spiritual nourishment through comprehending the causes of affliction, which is only achieved through revolutionizing our perception in the present moment.

All great religions and mystical traditions symbolize the divine feminine throughout innumerable myths, narratives, and symbols. Regardless of the name, culture, or language, She is the divine force of universal compassion with one express and unique purpose: the liberation of Her child (the consciousness) from suffering. Discover how to practically work with your Divine Mother to achieve genuine freedom from the ego.

Heaven is not only a higher dimension, but a psychological state of being. According to every great religion and meditative tradition, liberation is achieved only through actions and the inner rebellion of the soul. Discover the three factors for awakening consciousness, a spiritual revolution against suffering and the animal ego.

All of nature is governed by karma: the law of cosmic causality. The same with the development of the soul. To achieve self-transformation and awaken our complete conscious potential, we must enact the causes for its realization. Learn how through the five principles of karma within the Buddhist and Gnostic traditions.

Sound, vibration, and music are sacred vehicles for the transmission of divine energy, which meditators effectively utilize to experience serenity and awaken consciousness. Through a variety of exercises, including runes, pranayama, and mantras (sacred sounds), we accumulate spiritual force to enliven different energy centers (chakras) of the vital body, thereby accelerating and catalyzing profound inner transformation.

Every action in life requires energy and application of will, down to the smallest molecules, atoms, and particles, to the most complex sentient organisms. Practical meditators learn to harness different modalities of energy within their body, heart, and mind, so as to empower the development of their full conscious potential. When energy is directed by intuitive action, we awaken virtue and achieve liberation from suffering.

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