All religious traditions speak about the need for cultivating virtue and conquering vice. Yet what are the practical techniques to do so? Discover how to master the science of meditation for deep and lasting personal change.

While sex is abundantly discussed and showcased in our contemporary society, few people understand the mysteries of chastity. The secret of this mystery was captured almost two thousand years ago in the Acts of Thomas, whose language, drama, and narrative encodes an esoteric teaching regarding divine or upright sexuality. Through the writings of Samael Aun Weor, we can elucidate this practical knowledge for achieving purification and reunion with divinity.

Since their discovery, the Gnostic Gospels have challenged millennia-old beliefs, assumptions, and theories about Christianity’s foundations. Gnosticism, the esoteric or hidden knowledge of Christian dispensation, offers revolutionary perspectives for understanding Christ and the role of personal, experiential knowledge of divinity. Learn how to approach these enigmatic scriptures and interpret their cryptic symbolism through the codes in which they were written: Kabbalah and Alchemy.

Many profess that humanity is in a new age, yet few have capitalized on its revolutionary energy for the benefit of others, demonstrated by the universal prevalence of moral, psychological, and social decay. This divine zodiacal influx has the potential to transform, yet one must be educated and dedicated to specific disciplines for its direction and mastery.

Awaken this spiritual force through Aquarian Yogas: Mantra (sacred sounds, chakras, and powers), Raja (royal meditation), Jnana (scriptural study), Bhakti (devotion, prayer, and worship), Karma (selfless service), Kundalini (sacred sexuality), Nordic (runes), and Yantra (Tibetan rites for rejuvenation). Through accumulating and transmitting the Aquarian influence, we empower our spirituality and positively impact our communities.

“The balanced and harmonious function of the three brains results in the saving of vital values and, as a logical consequence, the prolongation of life.” —Samael Aun Weor, Fundamentals of Gnostic Education

Learn how to use the experiences of your everyday life to grow spiritually. This lecture covers practical approaches to developing self-observation by working with the three brains.

Discover the qualifications and practices of a genuine spiritual warrior: one who identifies, comprehends, and eliminates inner vulnerabilities, realizes selflessness, and embodies unwavering compassion for those who suffer―especially one’s enemies.

There are many ways that negative forces can inhibit, impede, and block our conscious development. However, there also exist numerous proven and effective methods for nullifying such obstacles. Discover the ways that we sabotage our own spirituality, but more importantly, how to preserve it against specific types of psychic aggression from both within and without.

"The best weapon that a human being can use in life is a correct psychological state." ―Samael Aun Weor, Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology

A foundational outline of how to spiritually protect yourself for those beginning to seriously practice the Gnostic work.

Resources Mentioned in this Lecture:

While global crises intensely afflict humanity, there exist proven and effective practices for the transformation of suffering into penetrative wisdom and lasting happiness. Such methods were taught within the heart of all great meditative and spiritual traditions. Learn how to experience freedom from psychological conditions of mind, not only to elevate your level and quality of being, but that of others.

The path of meditation culminates in the direct experiential knowledge of divine love. Through familiarization with mystical ecstasies, the practitioner learns how to subsist within the Being: a continual and unfaltering state of remembrance and the omniscient perception of our multidimensional nature. This is the degree of masters, initiates, and prophets, which beginners can sample and taste when they learn to abandon the conditioning of the egotistical self. By studying and witnessing the highest aspects of the Tree of Life, we gain faith in our true identity and state with inviolable conviction, “There is no god but God!”

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